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Our Mission

Our mission at Project ERCRef is to establish a platform that facilitates ERC drafting discussions and encourages mass adoption of ERCs for smart contracts.

Reference Implementations

ERCRef offers an extensive collection of reference implementations submitted by ERC authors, contributors, and dApp builders. These implementations serve as a valuable resource for developers looking to incorporate ERCs into their smart contracts.

Ideas Showcase & Prototype Gallery

ERCRef serves as a space for developers to showcase their ideas and prototypes for smart contracts. By sharing their work, developers can receive feedback, collaborate with others, and inspire innovation.

Smart Contract Library

ERCRef also acts as a smart contract library with pioneer solutions, so builder could use it just like OpenZepplin contracts but with more variety and early adoption of ERCs. All content is  created & maintained by our community.

How You Can Contribute

We could get this done together!

Submit a Reference Implementation

If you have developed a reference implementation for an ERC, you can submit it to our platform for others to use. Your implementation will be added to our collection and credited to you as the author.

Review Existing Implementations

If you have expertise in smart contract development, you can review existing implementations and provide feedback. Your insights will help improve the quality of our ERC reference libraries.

Spread the Word & Star Us

You can also contribute to our platform by spreading the word  on social media, blogs, and forums to promote ERCRef to your network. Also, feel free to star us on GitHub so you always hear from us!